Missing Classmates

Please help locate our missing classmates!  If you are in contact with any of the individuals listed below, please either direct them to our website or click on their name and enter their email address.  An invitation to join our class website will then be sent.

IMPORTANT: Please make corrections to your address as needed, but DO NOT delete or leave these fields blank!  Doing so will pop your name onto the "Missing Classmates" page, even if you are registered!  We need your addresses for reunion mailings.  If you prefer that your address information be kept private, leave the "Allow classmates to view my address and phone number" box unchecked on your profile.  When left unchecked, this information will not show up on your profile page.  Only site administrators will be able to access it when needed for reunion mailings. 

Christian Anderson
John Anibas
Barbara Backstrom
Amy Barkdoll
Ryan Bergh
Todd Bradison
Tony Brunner
Robert Decker
John Demasseo
Jennifer Dregney (Myren)
Melissa Ebert
Andy Falk
Angela Foster
Cynthia Frye
Matthew Gingrich
Craig Greenwold
Thomas Hanson
Trevor Hanson
John Hoch
Steve Jacobson
Jeremy Johnson
Marc Johnson
Dawn Judkins
Lauren Kelly
Bryan Kenney
Donna Kolve (Germann)
Nicole Kurth
Robert Lein
Douglas Mashek
Mike McCandless
Bob Melgaard
Erica Moreaux
Angie Mulheron
Kim O'Brien
Jennifer Olson
Robert Ottinger
Mark Paulson
Heidi Pederson
David Pederson Jr
Christopher Piper
Chris Pladziewicz
Brent Prescher
Kathy Proud
Kelly Proud
Tim Raleigh
Laura Rapp
Christian Reiter
Juan Sarda Orgando
Amy Schuh-Woodford
Tor Sperstad
Derrick Sutton
John Vang
Ly Vang
Chad Voss
Steve Wallace
Debra Webb
Dan Weiss
Staci Williams
Bee Xiong
Chai Her Xiong
Chao Xiong
Xang Xa Xiong